Sun showers are rare a magical weather paradox that occur when a dissipating cloud produces rain and the sun breaks through the clouds while the drops or rain are still falling.

Gary Lackmann, an atmospheric scientist at North Carolina State University said that  “Sun showers are really just rain showers that take place with partly cloudy or broken cloud conditions, and they can occur in a few different ways.”

When the atmosphere is slightly unstable creating a partly cloudy and partly sunny sky – which is more likely during the spring and summer months in many parts of the world. In this condition, temperature variations encourage columns of air to move vertically—rising rapidly in some areas and sinking or rising more slowly in others. In the rising areas, the air cools and condenses moisture forming clouds and showers.The air in the depressed columns creates the opposite effect–clear skies between the showers.

When the sun is low on the horizon, like the midmorning or mid-afternoon, or when a shower moves east. The angle of the sun allows it to shine beneath the rain clouds and allows it to shine beneath the rain clouds. This is the same phenomenon behind the occurrence of a rainbow.

Klein, Joanna. “Sun Showers and the Science behind This Weather Paradox.” New York Times (New York, NY), June 21, 2017. Accessed July 7, 2017.

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